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Want to show off your latest home adventure? Every other month in our SHELTER pages you'll find stories covering our area's greatest and latest home shops, services and designs (featuring experts in art and architecture, interior design and entertaining), all with a focus on the Northwest lifestyle.

We are always on the look-out for innovative, stylish home projects for these pages, and because SHELTER is published within our popular city magazine, your project will get more exposure than in any other local home-only magazine. Coverage odds are also excellent since submissions not selected for SHELTER's print edition are considered for general inclusion in Seattle magazineour other magazine titles, or as a blog. (FYI: our website enjoys more than 500,000 unique views per month.)  

Opportunities for coverage in Seattle magazine's SHELTER pages:
Home projects must have a focus on innovative solutions for living in the Northwest

Opening page: An artful presentation (most likely a full-page shot) of a person (e.g., a local furniture designer) or product (e.g., tiles)

Home Front: 2-3 short stories about new shops, experts, services, trends

Inner Space: A zoom-in of a single room interior space solution. Portrait of a designer in his/her space, plus inset shots of any notable details

Outdoor Living: Smart solutions for outdoor spaces. We won’t focus on gardening, per se, but rather on outdoor spaces that may be in a garden or incorporate a garden, or a back or sideyard, kitchen, patio, sauna, pool house, playhouse, shed, chicken coop etc. Layout is typically a fractional story with a main image and 1-2 inset detail shots

Feature stories: Space allocated varies greatly. Some issues might have 6 pages devoted to a single home that has a very unique space solution/story angle. Some issues will have one 4-page story covering one aspect of a space and a 2-page story covering another space. Sometimes 6 pages will be dedicated to the best home shops in Seattle.

Collector: Fresh ideas from a local artist or private collector on how best to display art or collectibles (e.g., vintage pinball machines) in your home

Upcoming Issue Themes and Deadlines
Feature stories, and potentially other SHELTER departments, will be focused along these themes

JULY 2015: VIEWS Homes with spectacular views across the region. Projects for consideration due to Seattle magazine: February 1, 2015

SEPTEMBER 2015: DESIGN Inventive home designs and innovation. Projects for consideration due to Seattle magazine: May 1, 2015

NOVEMBER 2015: ENTERTAINING Unique uses of space for entertaining or a home designed specifically with entertaining in mind. Projects for consideration due to Seattle magazine: August 1, 2015

Submission Requirements and How To Submit Your Project

1) Projects must have been completed within the past two years and be previously unpublished by any other local magazine or newspaper (if unsure what constitutes "local," just ask us at:

2) Homeowners must be willing to participate in the story, including giving interviews, allowing full names to be published and potentially appear in a photograph 

3) Fill out our online form and upload the images of your project. Or, create an online album of photos of your home/project (no more than 20 photos) and upload it to Dropbox and send the link to

* Photos must show project in entire context, as well as detail shots. So, if you are submitting a kitchen, show entire kitchen in context and also submit detail shots (eg, cabinets, backsplashes, special features). If submitting an entire home, show exterior, before and after photos (if relevant), and photos of key rooms and detail shots

4) Finally, with your submission (whether via online form or Dropbox format), be sure to include:

*your name, e-mail, company name, address, phone number and website

*name of project, month/year built, location, name of photographer and a brief bio* of your project (*mandatory)

(AIA Seattle members: Click here if you want to submit your project for consideration via the AIA's Home of Distinction program)