20 Ways to Store and Style Your Bike Inside

Artfully placed bikes add a cool spin to room design
Posted August 29, 2016

This article originally appeared on Houzz.com.

Bicycles cost nearly nothing to run, are environmentally friendly and rarely present a parking problem. However, if you don’t have a garage or shed, storing your bicycle at home means bringing it inside. With a little creative thinking, your bicycle can be safely positioned out of the way and look incredibly cool at the same time.

Chelsea Loft

1. Hanging art. Beautifully balanced and positioned, the bicycle in this bachelor pad almost becomes an extension of the existing artwork above it. By placing the bike on the wall in a spacious area, there’s plenty of room to walk past the handlebars. The extra wide bracket means the bike can be placed or removed in a matter of seconds.

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2. Twin cycles. Two bikes are better than one for cohabiting couples, or even a cycling enthusiast who likes variety. As this is a low-traffic area in a cozy apartment, the positioning of the bikes is perfect. A simple hook system makes the bikes easy to store, making the two floating cycles a lovely representation of the owners’ (or owner’s) passion.

3. Red, white and blue. With a little forethought, bikes can be placed in a way that complements the color palette of the room. This red and blue pair look like pop art against their white wall.

East 14th Street Coop Combo

4. Playing around. Bikes and play areas naturally go together, but usually outside. The adult bike here is positioned in a kids’ playroom but is out of the way and high enough so small people can pass safely underneath. It adds action to the space and is an inspiration for the little tykes to one day ride a “big bike” of their own.

100k Stair Wall

5. Dead space. The space under stairs is often wasted, so this is the perfect place to store bikes. In a bit of inspired thinking, one of the bikes is stored upside down here to maximize the storage area.

California Contemporary

6. Cycling for fitness. It makes perfect sense to store a bike in a home gym. Some stretching exercises, a run on the treadmill and then some fresh air and scenery on a nice long bike ride could be just the ticket. An oversized shelf to store the bike makes it easy to grab and go. And the hammock is a nice touch — and a great spot to take five after one returns from a ride.

Contemporary Home

7. Wheels of industry. Bikes on the wall look perfectly at home in a warehouse conversion. They hark back to the machinery that once filled the building, and in this case, they act as a smooth counterpoint against the rough-hewn wooden wall. Note that extra bikes are cleverly stored in the dead space under the stairs.

WalkiD home studio

8. Mix ’n’ match. This home studio-office is so full of eclectic elements that the bike looks right at home on the wall. Stored nice and high so it’s out of the way, the shape of the frame and wheels of the bike are mirrored in the forms of the clock and lamps below. An up-to-the-minute look that completely utilizes this space.

House Bruce Alexander

9. The disappearing bike. A bike would be out of place in this chic sitting room, so it’s wisely stored in the void overhead. A pulley system makes the bike easy to raise or lower with minimal effort. And when it’s time for a ride, the open glass doors give easy access outside.

10. Movable shelf. This custom shelf neatly and effectively stores a bike and helmet. Placed near the front door for ease of use, there’s still enough space for people to pass by. When you’re in a hurry, it only takes seconds to grab the bike and be on your way.

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11. Completing the look. When it comes to a modern industrial look with concrete walls, a bike can become a fitting artwork. It’s positioned in the middle of the wall so it balances the space perfectly. There can be no doubt that the room would look a little bare when the bike was actually being used.


12. All that glitters. Sometimes a bike is so at home in a room that it just feels wrong when it’s missing. Here, the bike has become a permanent artwork, jazzed up with a gold finish. It might not improve your health, but it sure is good for the aesthetics of the room and your own viewing pleasure.

13. A new angle. A rack that holds a bike at 90 degrees to the wall can work perfectly well in the right position. It can’t be in a high-traffic area and is generally designed to be positioned in a corner. The extra-wide hallway here is great for this option, making it easy to hang and remove a number of bikes.

Vintage Inspired Dining Room

14. Contrasting effect. The red bike against the green wall, seen in this home full of treasures, once again elevates this type of storage solution into the realm of artwork. This retro bike is a perfect addition to this vintage, old-world space. It’s a great option for real bike lovers, as the bike is almost exalted as if on an altar.

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15. Under water. When space is tight, all options must be explored in the search for storage. While the bathroom is an unusual place to keep a bike, it works here because the bike fits so well. Completely out of the way and snug under the concrete sink, this is an inspired use of minimal space.

16. Clean machine. This hallway makes an ideal spot to store a bike, while adding color to an all-white space. Just make sure nobody else will be picking up the bike when you’re having a shower.

Marina Del Rey, CA

17. Post bike. A wood post is a handy device to store a bike, tipping it up to save space in an open-plan area. The bike also works as an assist in demarcating the sitting and eating areas.

Spring loaded column holds 2 bikes (4 bikes with optional add-on).

18. Fireplace freewheeler. Since the fireplace juts out, there’s a little space for a bike to be placed out of the way in in this living area. The row of framed artworks adds distraction and helps settle the bike in the room, while the bike stand keeps the bike upright.

19. Smart bike storage. This post, called a Velo Column, is spring-loaded so it can be placed pretty much anywhere in the house. Once in position, it can hold two bikes, one above the other.

20. Size matters. Here, a collapsible bike is stored in a purpose-built cabinet with room for a helmet on top. The bike is completely out of the way but very easy to access when the open road calls.